Owl City Gifts New Holiday Song “Humbug”


The only thing better than hearing your favorite artists cover your favorite Christmas songs is when they decide to get their creativity spinning and write a holiday song that’s entirely original. Not only do you get brand new music, but there’s also the potential that the song turns into a new classic, too. Owl City is the latest to cook up something original, and it’s about a topic that anyone can relate with.

Releasing the track as a free download, Owl City serves up the cheery jingle, “Humbug.” Filled with feel-good vibes and a desire to kick the holiday season off right, the lyrics are about when everything starts to go wrong … at least as far as gifts are concerned. With simple lines like “I wander around the store again and again/But all I do is shrug,” it’s enough to ramp up that gift anxiety in listeners, but the song’s main message remains true: when all else fails, you can always give your heart.

Owl City talked about the song in a new video update, where he ended up revealing much more. “Humbug” is really the first song that we’ve gotten from him since 2015’s Mobile Orchestra, as Adam Young has been spending the past year releasing solo film score albums under his main name. He assures everyone that Owl City is alive and well, though, and it looks like 2017 could be the project’s best year yet.