Pierce Fulton Switches Things Up In His “No More” Remix


When a producer releases a different version of one of their previous tracks, they tend to call it a rework, re-edit or variation in production – but not Pierce Fulton. The Vermont-based progressive house up-and-comer has opted to present his update of “No More” as a remix, and since it sounds as good as it does, we’re not about to tell him how to live his life.

Keeping faithful to the lively, funky vibe of the original, Fulton’s “remix” incorporates video game-y elements that make for a decidedly more electro approach. A peppering of chirping synths makes for an invigorating addition to the vocals and progression, resulting in an almost deadmau5-like arrangement that’s versatile enough to work in a variety of settings.

Listen to Pierce Fulton‘s remix of “No More” and then check out the original for comparison. Afterwards, let us know which track you like better in the comments section down below and be sure to pick up a copy of the remix here.

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