Pierce Fulton Returns In Style With No More


Pierce Fulton‘s returned with his first track in a couple months, and it shows a markedly more mature approach to dance music than the last thing he put out. “No More” features enough main stage flair to wind up in plenty of world-class DJs’ sets over the next few months, but it’s tastefully buried in enough other sounds so as not to make purists turn their noses at the track.

While the percussive elements of the song say big room house, the vocals and instrumental samples imbue in it a funky quality that almost makes us reluctant to even lump it into the category of electronic dance music. Sawtooth synths at the drop marry the elements effectively, however, helping it retain relevance to those more familiar with the producer’s earlier releases.

Pierce Fulton‘s “No More” is out now on Armada Music. Give it a listen above and tell us what you think of the track by sounding off in the comments section below.