Robin Thicke Debuts “One Shot” With Juicy J


Robin Thicke is following up his surprisingly deep single aptly titled, “Deep,” with an equally solid song, “One Shot” – and if anything says that Thicke is back in action, it’s this new banger that features some help from rapper Juicy J.

The catchy and jazzy number is sure to shoot Thicke back into radio relevancy as it kicks off with energy and purpose about a night out at the club. More importantly, the addition of Juicy J isn’t wasted, and it’s not only “just” a feature: he appears on a couple of verses on the track and ends up being essential to the song’s success. The biggest relief of all is that “One Shot” comes with zero frills – it’s simply a good song, and it’s been awhile since we’ve seen a hit from Thicke that isn’t riddled with controversy.

With the release of “Deep” and now “One Shot,” there’s a good chance that Robin Thicke is going to ride this wave all the way to a new album, but who knows when one’s going to actually come out. Regardless, with the quality we’ve seen from his recent output, the future’s looking great when it comes to an eventual full-length.