Rudimental And Ed Sheeran’s Lay It All On Me Definitely Isn’t Drum And Bass


There’s been a major drum and bass resurgence in the UK as of late, and it’s carried artists like Rudimental along with it. Tracks like “Never Let You Go” are a somewhat more watered-down take on the traditionally abrasive genre, but it’s been encouraging to see such a bygone genre style move back into mainstream consciousness nonetheless.

However, Rudimental’s latest track isn’t remotely drum and bass. “Lay It All On Me” features vocals by Ed Sheeran and a markedly lower tempo – as well as enough steel drums and piano synths to make it palatable to people who don’t even like electronic music. Unfortunately, while the track isn’t awful, it’s a lot more forgettable than the group’s more uptempo discography.

Like I’ve said before, I’m all for an artist experimenting with new styles, but only if they work. As strong as Rudimental’s track record has been over the past few years, I simply would have expected something that pushes the envelope more.

Rudimental‘s upcoming sophomore album, We Are The Generation, comes out on October 2nd, so stay tuned for more news from the UK drum and bass outfit this week.