Skrillex Takes The Heat For Justin Bieber’s Quote In New Interview


Justin Bieber and Skrillex‘s Purpose has been the most-talked-about album in both the pop and electronic music worlds this fall, which makes it no surprise that when the former artist compared the album’s lead single, “Sorry,” to John Lennon’s “Let It Be,” the gears of the internet stopped turning just so that the human race could collectively reprimand him for it. According to a more recent interview with Skrillex, however, Bieber might have simply been repeating the producer’s own comparison.

When Skrillex sat down with NME for the interview, he provided insights like that much the album was originally supposed to be produced by Major Lazer or that the bulk of the creative process occurred in a two-month window. However, the most interesting tidbit arose when he took ownership of Bieber’s recent PR faux pas.

When asked about Bieber’s comparison, he said:

“That was exactly what I said, verbatim. He thought I was gonna be too safe in my opinion because you can never tell what things are gonna sound like at the end of making a record. I told him that it was a very pure, honest song. It has a very refined simplicity about it.”

So there you have it, Sonny compared his track to John Lennon and Bieber only quoted him on it. Now, the real question is, will as many people care now that somebody as likable as Skrillex turned out to have said it first? We’ll just have to wait and find out.