Skylar Grey Releases New Single Called Invisible


Rising star Skylar Grey has released another single today. Titled Invisible, the single is produced by Alex da Kid (obviously) and is also the title track of Grey’s upcoming debut album. Like the title, this song is pretty much invisible, not leaving much of an impact and coming off as almost like a ghost, invisible.

The last song she released, Dance Without You, wasn’t great either but it was a lot better than this track. Invisible plods along not really doing much. As Skylar sings about feeling lost and lonely I couldn’t help but to feel bored. It’s rather depressing and quite frankly, just not interesting, musically or lyrically. Check it out below and see what you think.

“[‘Invisible’] is where I started out when I moved up to the woods and I was trying to find out who I was in the world because I felt very lost,” the 25-year-old singer-songwriter tells Ryan Seacrest. “Then I came out of that whole experience with this new found strength and I made me feel invincible, the whole theme of the album tells that story.”

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