Slushii Drops “Killa” Remix Live During Marshmello’s EDC New York Set


I guess anthropomorphic junk food items that play together stay together. “Anonymous” DJ/producer Slushii recently desecrated everything good and holy with his remix of Skrillex and Wiwek’s “Killa,” but apparently he wasn’t satisfied until he unleashed it on the thousands-deep crowd in front of the Cosmic Meadow Stage at this year’s edition of EDC New York.

Conveniently, Marshmello performed at that very stage this last weekend and had no problem subjecting the audience to the remix’s screeching synth lead. Somebody from his crew captured the moment at which he debuted it live after bringing Slushii onstage, and… well, the two of them look like they’re having fun at the very least.

More importantly (sort of), the video confirms Your EDM’s theory that Slushii is Julian Scanlan, who also goes by DJ Swoon and performed alongside DJ/producer MHKAZ as Monsters With Tiny Mustaches. These slow identity reveals are getting a lot less slow and a lot more anticlimactic as time goes by.

Watch Slushii drop his remix of Skrillex and Wiwek’s “Killa” during Marshmello’s EDC New York 2016 set in the Facebook player above, and if it doesn’t make you want to stop listening to music altogether, then look out for more from either artist in the coming months.