Slushii Somehow Managed To Make Skrillex And Wiwek’s “Killa” Worse


This must be how elderly white people felt when gangsta rap came on the scene. I’m used to Slushii putting out the watered-down sort of EDM that you’d expect from whatever artist is using the oddly specific anonymous-DJ-posing-as-an-anthropomorphic-junk-food-item gimmick this week, but his remix of Skrillex and Wiwek’s “Killa” assaults my senses in a way that makes me fear for future generations.

The original version of the track was bad enough, although with Skrillex’s help it was probably still the best song on Wiwek’s lackluster The Free And Rebellious EP. Slushii finished what the two artists responsible for his source material apparently set out to accomplish by adding a shrill, grating synth line at the drop that alternates between being entirely off key and hitting every single note of a scale in ascending order.

At this point, Slushii should unmask himself just to make a formal public apology for his remix of Skrillex and Wiwek’s “Killa.” Seriously, how does anybody even listen to this?