Slushii Takes On The Chainsmokers With “Closer” Remix


Slushii has been on a meteoric rise to dance music stardom in 2016, serving as one of the biggest breakout acts of the year with his signature brand of dreamy future bass and his instantly recognizable branding. The frosty producer has delivered a number of great releases over the last few months, including his recent remix of Marshmello’s “Alone” and “So Long” with Madi, and now he’s back to take on The Chainsmoker’s juggernaut of a hit, “Closer.”

Slushii’s rendition of “Closer” is every bit as magical as you’d expect, opening with a breezy arpeggio that leads into a stripped down piano progression as Halsey’s stark vocals fill the mix. A marching drum pattern builds the tune up, leading into uplifting future bass drops with fluttering synth chords and a plucky melody. As the remix comes to a close, Halsey’s topline efforts grow in intensity, bringing the song to an emotional conclusion with a delicate piano motif.

“Closer” has already gone down as one of the biggest dance music releases of the year and Slushii took on a daunting task with the decision to remix the massive single. However, he takes it all in stride as he delivers a memorable rework of the song that stands tall next to the original.

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