Slushii Takes On Marshmello With “Alone” Remix


Following up on remixes from Getter and DISKORD, Slushii has delivered his own rework of his mentor Marshmello’s “Alone.” Released earlier in the year, “Alone” has gone on to become one of the more prominent dance tracks to come out in 2016 and it’s now received a number of solid flips with the new remix package.

Considering the similarities between their branding, Slushii seems like a logical choice to take on a Marshmello track and he brings his A game to a bass heavy remix of “Alone.” His version opens with the familiar chord progression from the original transposed with a new arrangement, as half time dubstep drums punctuate the melodic phrases. After a vocal section, Slushii moves things forward with hard hitting drops, complete with squelchy basslines and crashing beats.

Slushii‘s rework is a definite fan pleaser and probably the most solid effort on the remix collection. If you like what you hear in the player above, you purchase the “Alone” remixes here.