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Spotify Wrapped for 2022 has arrived, according to a glitch on your homepage

Did music Christmas really come this early?

Spotify Wrapped 2022 Glitch
Image via Spotify

Music fans wait in anticipation for this year’s Spotify Wrapped just to see which song was their most played of the year. However, unlike previous years with results arriving in early December, it seems like Spotify Wrapped 2022 may have accidentally come early.

A handful of Spotify users reported that the music streaming launched a small widget for 2022 Wrapped on the homepage earlier this week.

Image via Spotify

Unfortunately, the page was blank, and users couldn’t interact with it. Luckily for Spotify, no one reported having accessed their results early. This could have just been a bug or a happy accident on Spotify’s backend.

This glitch caught the attention of Spotify users, accusing the music platform of teasing them before the official launch. Some also predicted that Wrapped 2022 may arrive earlier than expected since the page was on the home screen, as all Spotify needs to do is distribute the results. Regardless, now is the perfect time to get excited.

At the time of writing, Spotify has fixed the issue, and Wrapped 2022 is no longer available to view on the home screen. The music streaming platform has not addressed the glitch, probably pretending it didn’t happen. Nevertheless, Spotify Wrapped appears to be close to its official release, and the bug on the homepage could be a sign of final preparation for the upcoming results.

While it’s currently unknown when Spotify Wrapped will be released, previous entries came out during the first week of December. Fingers crossed music Christmas comes early.

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