Steve Aoki Takes On Blink 182 With “Bored To Death” Remix


Despite the departure of longtime vocalist Tom DeLonge, Blink 182 proved their willingness to move on without him earlier in the year with the release of their recent single “Bored To Death.” The pop punk band are now crossing over into the world of EDM with an official remix from Steve Aoki.

Aoki keeps things straight forward throughout the verses and doesn’t stray far from the structure present in the original song, save for a few vocal chops and percussive build ups. Things get pretty rowdy moving into the drops though, as the punk rock tune is transformed into a festival trap banger with blaring 808s and winding synth leads. The remix then erupts into a driving four on the floor section, with distorted kicks and plenty of energy.

Coinciding with the release, Steve Aoki also dropped a visual accompaniment that incorporates re-purposed footage from the “Bored To Death” music video juxtaposed against live footage of the world famous DJ. Check it out above and leave a comment below letting us know what you think.