Ty Dolla $ign Releases “Campaign” Video With Future


Ty Dolla $ign couldn’t have picked a more timely day to drop his latest video, but chances are that he’s had this planned out all along. To celebrate Election Day, the rapper releases his new music video for “Campaign” featuring a guest spot from Future. The track is the latest single off his mixtape of the same name that came out earlier in September.

Getting into the presidential spirit, the clip shows Ty and Future dancing in front of a giant American flag as confetti falls down around them by the end – switching between shots of them decked out in suits and then their streetwear throughout. The most amusing part has to be the scene of Ty being interviewed by a fake news network, BHN, and of course, the time in the bottom right hand corner is 4:20.

With election season coming to a close, it means that we won’t be getting those fun music videos that reference all of the madness anymore. But whether it’s a Ty Dolla $ign dance party or Weezer playing the role of the Secret Service, it’s been a pretty entertaining ride – besides, we always have 2020 to look forward to.