Vicetone Drop A Rocking Single With “Electric”


Vicetone have been hashing out a slew of singles over the summer, dropping a number of top notch cuts over the last few months like “Nevada” and “Anywhere I Go.” The Dutch DJ duo seems to be keeping up the hot streak too, with the release of their latest track, “Electric.”

“Electric” sports a unique production, with sounds that blur the line between guitar and synth. The new tune kicks off with a series of plucked guitar notes that move into a series of filtered drum hits and a soaring synth solo. The drops wail on with crashing four on the floor rhythms and further soloing that feels like it was ripped straight out of a classic rock cut. After an earthy breakdown with acoustic strums and haunting piano melodies, “Electric” cycles back through for an energetic send off.

Vicetone get points for trying something new on “Electric” and deliver a very enjoyable release in the process.