Vicetone Reworks Daft Punk And The Weeknd’s “Starboy”


Daft Punk were thrust back into the spotlight last month with the release of their recent collaboration with The Weeknd, “Starboy.” The song has caught the attention of music listeners, while prompting persistent rumors that the robotic duo will go on tour in 2017. Now, Vicetone are hopping at the opportunity to take advantage of the hype as they release their own remix of the track.

Contrasting the original version, Vicetone infuse their “Starboy” remix with upbeat rhythms while escalating the song’s tempo for a more dance friendly flip. The Weeknd’s smooth tenor vocals are featured heavily throughout, layered over tropical flavored chord progressions and shuffling percussion. After a head spinning build up, a whining synth lead takes over with an enticing melody as driving club beats pound out some powerful beats.

For their “Starboy” remix, the Dutch DJ duo offer up plenty of variation while still preserving the original tune’s power thirsty identity. Vicetone definitely inject a healthy dose of added energy into their rework, and fans who were disappointed by the Daft Punk version will likely find something to enjoy here.