VINAI And Harrison Literally Titled A Track “Sit Down”


Ah, VINAI, the big room house duo that’s singlehandedly given the EDM blogosphere enough firepower for a flame war of biblical proportions. Where would we as dance music bloggers be without their rippling muscularity and tragically misinformed song title choices? Nowhere special, really, because it’s not like their music itself garnered them any of this attention. Yeah, it’s going to be one of those articles.

Come on, though, VINAI have to just be screwing with us at this point – they just released a teaser for a song titled “Sit Down.” Seriously, “Sit Down.”

It’s the exact same brand of vapid, recycled, pump-you-up tripe as all of their other tracks, but instead of urging their audience to “Get Loose,” “Get Ready,” or even “Get Down,” as titles of comparable songs have in the past, their latest work of main stage monotony asks its audience to simply take a load off and enjoy its squawking synth lead from a place of respite. Quite honestly, after being begged to “put my fucking hands up” by many an overpaid button pusher, I have to admit that I find their unorthodox script flipping somewhat refreshing.

Oh, and I guess Harrison played some role in the creative process. Sorry man, you can’t just sing over something that still sounds like a VINAI track and expect bloggers like me to acknowledge your rich musical contributions.

Anyways, it was hard to tell but I think there might have been an actual song buried somewhere under this comedy goldmine of sorts. If you actually clicked on this link to listen to VINAI‘s “Sit Down,” shoot down to the comments section and tell the class what you learned.