W:/2016Album Is Deadmau5’s Lowest Charting Record To Date


Deadmau5‘s new LP W:/2016Album may have been one of the most anticipated records of the year, but that hasn’t helped it find a solid footing on the charts. Despite debuting at the number one spot on the dance/electronic chart, deadmau5’s latest has only managed to hit the 74 spot on the Billboard 200, making W:/2016Album his lowest charting full length outing to date.

The producer isn’t particularly pleased with the results of his latest studio album, a fact which he made no effort to conceal in the months leading up to its release. While our opinion of W:/2016Album was more favorable (it even made our list of the 10 best EDM albums of 2016), the presence of plenty of quality material apparently isn’t doing the LP any favors.

What’s interesting to note is that at this point in deadmau5’s career, he’s handling public relations in house without backing from a major label, meaning that promoting the new album was ultimately up to mau5trap. Considering his own opinion of the record and the scant promotion it received, it seems that perhaps deadmau5 is happy to see W:/2016Album maintaining a low profile on the charts.