Deadmau5 Continues To Denounce His Upcoming Album


It’s no secret by now that deadmau5 is less than thrilled with the contents of his upcoming studio effort W:/2016Album. The producer has taken to social media in the past to voice his concern that the soon to be released record isn’t the masterpiece some of us are expecting, and now he’s back at it on Twitter to further attempt to curb his fanbase’s enthusiasm.

In a series of Tweets, deadmau5 explains the reasoning for his disdain of W:/2016Album, revealing that the process of finalizing the work was rushed, before expanding that financial reasons are part of the motivation to release a new album.

While he may not be totally happy with the album, he does mention that he’s proud of at least a few of the songs that made the cut.

The Canadian producer brings his latest Twitter tirade to a close on a positive note, remarking that perhaps the time has come to work on an album he can actually be happy with.

Thankfully, we don’t just have to take deadmau5‘s word about W:/2016Album, as the forthcoming record has already been heard in its entirety.