Deadmau5’s Upcoming Album Now Available For Pre-Order


We’re now in the final stretch before the release of deadmau5‘s anticipated eighth studio album W:/2016Album, and the LP’s impending release has been cemented today as it becomes available for pre-order. We’ve been waiting all year for the follow up to while(1<2), with the Canadian producer releasing so many previews ahead of the upcoming work that the effort has actually already been heard in its entirety. With the pre-order now available, it’s safe to say our anticipation has reached a fever pitch.

Coinciding with the pre-order going live, deadmau5 has made his collaboration with Grabbitz on “Let Go” (previously known as “Blood For The Bloodgoat”) available for early purchase. He’s also showing off an epic extended version that clocks in upwards of eleven minutes. If ever there were a track deserving of such a lengthy time frame, “Let Go” is it. Not much has changed since the song first surfaced on SoundCloud last year, but the mastered version sounds impeccable.

It should also be noted that the pre-order confirms the tracklist that had previously surfaced, with the extended version of “Let Go” serving as the only new addition.

You can grab the pre-order for deadmau5‘s upcoming album here, and be sure to stay tuned for the official release on December 2.