Watch The Chainsmokers’ Befuddled Victory Speech At The AMAs

To say that The Chainsmokers are enjoying a period of prosperity would be an understatement. In a short amount of time, the duo have ascended the ranks of their DJ colleagues into full blown pop stardom, crossing over into the mainstream with efforts like “Roses,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and of course, “Closer” with Halsey. It would seem The Chainsmokers’ success hasn’t quite set in yet, however, which was made perfectly clear during their award speech at the American Music Awards on Sunday night.

In a new video, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are clearly surprised to find themselves delivering an acceptance speech as the favorite EDM artist at the AMAs, and the two give a hilarious, expletive filled acknowledgement on the spot. As they take the stage, Alex cuts in with “yeah, holy shit, we did not expect for this at all,” before the two go on to give their general thank yous. Lastly, Alex expresses excitement over electronic music being brought to the forefront at the award ceremony.

The Chainsmokers are clearly still learning to navigate their newfound stardom, and it’s hilarious to see the two befuddled DJs stumbling their way through an acceptance speech at a major awards ceremony like the AMAs.

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