Watch The Electric Zoo 2014 Official Aftermovie


Electric Zoo has been having a hard time lately. Two years ago, they cancelled the final day due to drug related deaths, and this past year, they had to shutdown halfway through the final day due to dangerous weather warnings. While both are valid reasons for cancelling a concert (at least in this writer’s opinion), a lot of people weren’t too pleased about it, and understandably so.

There’s no use in arguing over whether or not the organizers made the right call and if they handled the cancellations correctly or not, as it’s in the past. At this point, we can only hope that things run a bit smoother for the 2015 outing.

What we can do now, however, is reflect on the more positive moments of this past summer’s festival. And we can do so with the official aftermovie, which was just released today. I’m not too sure I dig all the narration that’s included here, but the video is a strong reminder of Electric Zoo’s better moments and the fact that it’s still a fantastic experience being there, even despite the recent troubles that have plagued it.

Check out the official aftermovie for Electric Zoo 2014 above and let us know if you made it out to the festival this year.