Watch Porter Robinson And Madeon Rehearsing For Shelter Tour

Porter Robinson and Madeon’s collaborative effort on “Shelter” has turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving. The duo are currently making their way around the country with a slew of tour stops across North America, and already we’ve seen some great live rips of the Shelter show, in addition to a stunning anime inspired music video. However, the two musicians have now shared a new clip over the weekend that offers up an unprecedented glimpse into how the whole performance comes together.

Porter Robinson and Madeon’s most recent video shows the two performers during a twenty minute rehearsal session for the Shelter Tour. It’s particularly interesting because while we’ve seen plenty of live rips of the Shelter show hit the internet already, this is the first time we’ve seen them play the show without the added background noise of an audience.

Over the course of the video’s runtime, we see Porter Robinson and Madeon practicing a number of their best tunes, including the track that inspired it all, “Sad Machine,” “You’re On” and more. The rehearsal footage is definitely an interesting insight into the Shelter tour and fans will no doubt enjoy checking it out.