Porter Robinson And Madeon Drop Anime Companion For “Shelter”


Porter Robinson and Madeon have been captivating audiences across the country as their collaborative Shelter tour continues underway, and now they’re bringing the song that started it all back to the forefront with the release of an animated companion for the track. Premiered in Tokyo, the new video for “Shelter” features a fitting anime style and we can’t imagine a better representation of the single.

The storyline to “Shelter” follows a 17 year old girl named Rin, trapped in an artificial vacuum of loneliness as she uses a futuristic, tablet-like device to immerse herself in a new virtual world each day. Blending science fiction elements and dreamy visions, the six minute long short film recounts the tale of how she came to be stuck in this simulation as we revisit her childhood memories.

The “Shelter” animation features some breathtaking production values and an emotive storyline, serving as the perfect visual tie-in to the song. It’s great to finally see a worthy anime set to one of Porter Robinson‘s songs as well, whose work has frequently touched upon the medium as a source of inspiration.