Watch Porter Robinson And Madeon’s First Show Of The Shelter Tour


After Porter Robinson and Madeon released their first collaboration “Shelter” and announced the coinciding tour of the same name, fans waited impatiently for the two producers to hit the road together. Now, the wait is finally over and the Shelter tour is well under way. Better yet, some video has surfaced of the full set from the first show in Atlanta. If you can’t wait for Porter Robinson and Madeon to make it to your town to see what the Shelter tour is all about, then the new live video is the perfect way to get a teaser of the full show.

The tracklist is filled to the brim with both producers’ most beloved material throughout its hour and twenty minute long set time, including much of the Worlds album, “Pop Culture,” and more. Madeon and Porter share the stage surrounded by racks of gear that they use to perform the music in a live fashion, backed by some impressive visual displays.

The new live video confirms all suspicions that a joint Porter Robinson/Madeon tour would be a shared bill for the ages, and it’s the perfect way to get ramped up for the show before the duo make it to your own town.