WGTC Premiere: Sweetmates – Lay Down Your Crown


After bringing you the exclusive premiere of Darth Nader & Arcade’s “Hold You” earlier this week, we’re pleased to be premiering yet another great track that we’re very excited to share. This one is titled “Lay Down Your Crown” and comes to us courtesy of electronic/alternative/indie house duo Sweetmates, who hail from Brighton UK and recently worked with Soco on his song “Summer Love,” which we also premiered.

Inspired by the personal experiences of Andrew Sam Bunker (singer, song writer and guitarist) and Declan Rodgers (producer), the track boasts intelligent lyrics about people thinking that they’re better and/or above their ex-partners/current partners. Couple that with some catchy, indie-feeling guitar riffs and Andrew’s soulful and passionate vocals, and you have a song that has all the makings of a hit. Not only that, but a song that we cannot stop listening to. Seriously, I’ve had it on repeat ever since the boys sent it over earlier today.

As for the future, it certainly looks bright for Sweetmates. They have another track with Soco coming up, a couple of huge remixes on the way and even an EP, which will be dropping towards the end of the year. So, if you enjoyed “Lay Down Your Crown,” definitely keep an eye on this talented UK duo for more.

For now, though, take a listen to “Lay Down Your Crown” above and let us know what you think. And for more great music, be sure to follow us on SoundCloud!

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