Will Sparks And Luciana’s “Stay Up Till The Mornin'” Has Got A Kick To It


It’s good to see Will Sparks return to what he’s known for. The Melbourne bounce DJ/producer went a bit too experimental with the Alex Jones-featured “My Time” earlier in the month, but he’s managed to work Luciana’s verses into “Stay Up Till The Mornin'” much more effectively.

“Stay Up Till The Mornin'” is still irrefutably Melbourne, but explores the confines of a the genre tastefully by incorporating strings and even more gravelly bass lines. Luciana’s in-your-face lyricism isn’t overemphasized; it contributes to the arrangement as a whole without distracting greatly from its respectable sound design elements.

Melbourne bounce may only be a hop, skip and jump away from big room house, but good music is good music no matter the genre. After checking out Will Sparks‘ “Stay Up Till The Mornin'” featuring Luciana, let us know whether you agree by sounding off in the comments section down below.