Zedd Announces Upcoming Hakkasan Residency


In a new interview with Billboard, Zedd has announced that he will be joining Hakkasan Group’s already impressive talent roster with an upcoming residency deal at all of their Las Vegas venues. The announcement comes just after Kaskade revealed last week that he had joined Hakkasan with a similar residency agreement. Talking about the new deal, Zedd explains that he’s had his eye on OMNIA, one of Hakkasan’s well known properties, since the beginning.

I was really blown away by the production. Everything was super clean and slick, and for somebody who puts a lot of emphasis on the visual aspect of a show, obviously seeing all the elements that were at Omnia was inspiring.

The details of when the residency will begin haven’t surfaced yet, but its safe to say that Las Vegas nightlife is about to get an upgrade. Aside from talking about the new partnership with Hakkasan, Zedd also touched on his recent collaboration with rising duo Grey on “Adrenaline,” revealing that they’re the only producers he’s ever given his library of sounds to.

I don’t really collaborating with producers that much, because to me, it’s always a compromise, a matter of taste. I like working by myself, but I have been working with them a lot, and I get a lot of inspiration form the way they do things. . . I’ve been building my sample pack over the course of the last five or six years. Every good sound I’ve created, I’ve saved as a preset or as a sound so I can reuse it, and they’re the only producers in the world I’ve ever given my sample library to.

It’s been over a year since Zedd dropped his sophomore album True Colors, and fans are already hungry for new material from the producer. Here, he offers up a glimmer of hope, stating that fans should expect something more experimental from his next outing.

I really like that, because usually when you’re not really familiar with a genre, it’s like a fresh start. You think differently than people who have done it a lot. If I make a song in 128 bpm, I’ve made so many, it’s really hard not to repeat yourself. You start thinking ‘what haven’t I done yet?’ But if you make something completely new, you’re kind of naive, and it ends up being something really different.

Lastly, Zedd talked about getting to play in the League of Legends championship recently, a game which he also contributed a theme song for in September.

Arguably the biggest video game in the world. It’s almost like the half time show of video games, if you can imagine.

With talks of new musical directions and the upcoming residency at several of Vegas’ best venues, the future is certainly looking bright for Zedd.