Zedd Drops New League Of Legends Anthem “Ignite”


After taking the pop influence to an extreme with his sophomore album True Colors, Zedd has been releasing some new material lately that recalls his earlier electro work. He recently dropped the appropriately named “Adrenaline” with Grey, and now he’s back with a new single called “Ignite” that will serve as the anthem for the upcoming League Of Legends championship in Los Angeles.

“Ignite” feels like a return to form with Zedd’s earlier Clarity material, featuring all the hallmarks of one of his classic electro-house productions. Like much of his work, the new anthem features catchy pop vocals set against a driving dance arrangement, with plucky synth arpeggios crafting a kinetic melody. Rising snares rushes propel “Ignite” into the drops, which blend uplifting melodies with driving four on the floor rhythms and syncopated bass hits.

Zedd delivers a solid romp with “Ignite” that serves its purpose well, providing an energetic backdrop for the online multiplayer game tournament. To accompany the new single, Riot Games has also put out a video game themed music video that serves as a visually interesting tie-in for the new song – you can check it out above.