ZHU Announces Neon City Tour In Typically Cryptic Fashion



The master of non-marketing is up to his old tricks again. It wasn’t all that long ago that members of the electronic music community found themselves fervently speculating on what ZHU‘s Genesis Series could entail, and now the mysterious producer has gone to similar lengths to promote his Neon City tour.

The only information released to the public took the form of a cyberpunk-style rendering with only the words “NEON CITY” across the top and “SPRING 2016” across the bottom. However, a visit to ZHU’s website reveals that its entire layout has been converted to a countdown animation with the page title reading “Neon City Tour.”

Seeing as how as of this writing the countdown will end in just under six days, the artist’s fans can reasonably expect him to release a list of tour dates on Wednesday, February 24th.

Of course, as with Zhu‘s presentation of the Genesis Series, the form of the announcement is sure to be a novelty in and of itself.


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