ZHU Drops Two New Generationwhy Remixes By Big Wild & Leon Lour


Following up on the gripping short film that serves as a companion to his debut album Generationwhy, ZHU is back today to offer up two new remixes for the record’s title track. The Grammy-nominated producer has enlisted Big Wild and Leon Lour for the remixing duties, and both acts offer up worthy re-imaginings of the ever catchy “Generationwhy.”

First up is Big Wild’s remix, a jaunty house number complete with rubbery synth stabs and disco flavored drum patterns set against a barrage of repeated samples from the original song. The lyrical content has largely been discarded in favor of a more instrumental sound, with various elements from ZHU’s production being ripped from the source material and taken in a wholly different direction.

Contrasting Big Wild’s remix, Leon Lour offers up an upbeat flip with a light tropical sound. Hand percussion and echoed bells kick the tune off, before funky guitar licks craft an intricate rhythm over four on the floor beats. The catchy falsetto hooks from the original are used more prominently on Lour’s version, as he crafts a soothing production that differs greatly from ZHU’s single.

Overall, both remixes are strong additions to the ZHU catalog. Big Wild and Leon Lour each offer up disparate visions for “Generationwhy,” and their efforts are worthy successors to the original song.