Putting The Super In Supernatural: 10 Awesome Paranormal Comic Book Heroes


Not all heroes are superpowered because they’re aliens, doused with radiation or demi-gods. Some superheroes owe their origins to a darker, more otherworldly source. These guys might get their powers from the occult – be they a sorcerer, possessed by a demonic spirit or a monster hunter – but they’re nonetheless dedicated to fighting for good. They’re spookerheroes, if you like.

Supernatural superheroes have been around since the very beginning of comic books and are currently coming into vogue on the big and small screens. In the past year, Marvel introduced Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider into their sprawling MCU while Suicide Squad didn’t shy away from the paranormal corner of the DC universe when it released back in the summer. Speaking of which, DC’s latest animated movie, Justice League Darkteams up a whole bunch of supernatural heroes – and Batman, natch – to save the world from a threat beyond the regular Justice League’s capabilities.

In honor of JLD‘s recent release, we decided to look back at 10 of our favorite paranormal protectors in all of comicdom. Some of these guys – and gals – you may have heard of before, while others are more obscure. All of them hold a special place in our hearts though and we hope that you’ll agree with our picks.