‘1923’ star says ‘It doesn’t get easier for anybody’ when the ‘Yellowstone’ spin-off returns

Photo via Paramount Plus

Brandon Sklenar is opening up about the Dutton family dynamics when 1923 returns next month, and the Yellowstone prequel is proving to be as unforgiving as we anticipated it would be, maybe even more so. Sklenar breathes life into the ever-suave and debonair Spencer Dutton, and recent events have carved a path for him to return home.

While he’s heading to the Yellowstone, that doesn’t mean things will be coming up daisies upon his arrival. Fans will note that Cara Dutton, Spencer’s aunt, wrote to him in a time of profound devastation and heartache — and things haven’t changed in the months it’s taken him to leave Africa.

Speaking to TV Line, Sklenar says that Spencer jumps into gear when he gets home, but it’s not easy to do so.

“I can say that he immediately takes action to getting home. It doesn’t get easier for anybody, I can say that, in classic Taylor Sheridan fashion.”

Yellowverse fans are fully aware of “Taylor Sheridan” fashion, and how that often spells out pain and turmoil at the drop of any hat. He’s not writing a fairytale for fans to tune into and experience warm fuzzies with; he’s carving out a piece of pop culture history that’s as sultry as it is sad, romantic as it is regretful, and as captivating as it is complicated. In addition to a problematic situation, there will be no welcome home banners and balloons upon his arrival.

“I can say that it’s not going to be a joyous homecoming, that’s for sure. I think Spencer’s coming in hot and he’s got a lot to handle when he gets home. And it’s not going to be an easy journey to get there.”

Not an easy journey, but a worthwhile one. As fans have discovered, John Dutton Sr.’s death is the propelling moment for the second half of 1923, the half that brings Spencer Dutton back to the ranch. After spending years trying to outrun his mind, Spencer will be changing gears entirely; he’s coming home, has a family to take care of, and has a new beau on his arm. This is undoubtedly a unique experience for our handsome and swoon-worthy Dutton, and we can’t wait to see how it unfolds. A more domestic look on our new favorite wild man? Sign us up!

The Yellowverse jumps back into life on Feb. 5 with new episodes of 1923, and Yellowstone returns this summer.