A petrifying psychological thriller considered one of the best of the last decade was actually never scary, apparently

Alex Wolff in character as son Peter looking scared in “Hereditary”

Back in 2018, Ari Aster’s psychological horror film Hereditary terrified audiences with its mind-boggling narrative and unforgettable scenes that left lovers of the entire genre in awe. Between Toni Collette’s Oscar-worthy performance and a message deeply rooted with tension and family betrayal, Aster undoubtedly created a horror movie for the ages. Now, years after the film’s release has passed and folks have acquired a taste for its macabre, horror fans are wondering if the film’s haunting suspense still holds up — and, truthfully, are questioning if the movie was ever actually scary.

Over on Reddit, user u/SwingyWingyShoes posted a thought-provoking analysis of Aster’s 2018 film, where they called it a low-budget movie with a “bizarre” ending that didn’t quite live up to its potential. Additionally, the OP called upon other users to state their opinions on the horror movie and if it was actually scary at all.

Unsurprisingly, horror fans jumped at the opportunity to dish out their opinions on Hereditary, with several users immediately backing up the horror flick and its slow-burn tension building.

Other passionate users commended its overall scare factor and listed it as one of the best movies in modern cinematic horror.

Whether you steer clear of searching up Hereditary on streaming platforms or it’s a staple in your yearly Halloween horror movie marathon, there’s no denying Aster’s superlative use of the bizarre macabre that was very much needed in modern horror. And while the movie itself might include some questionable moments in regards to the plot, it’s easily one of the most frightening horror movies over the last decade.