Afrojack’s SummerThing! Sums Up His Identity Crisis


Apparently denying that you’re an EDM artist is all the rage among EDM artists nowadays, and leave it to Afrojack to jump on that bandwagon like his life depends on it. The “Ten Feet Tall” producer has gone to great lengths to convince the world that he’s a pop artist and not just another electronic music DJ, but his new track, “SummerThing!” falls short of breaking free from the formula.

A preview of “SummerThing!” uploaded to Afrojack’s SoundCloud showcases the first verse, chorus and drop – and you’ll notice that I said “drop,” because it’s definitely that and not the bridge that you’d hear in a pop song. It clashes significantly with Mike Taylor’s sing-songy lyrics, driving the point home that sometimes an artist just needs to be comfortable with who they are and not stretch out their creative process too much if they don’t have the time to do it right.

Check out “SummerThing!” above and tell us, do you think it holds up as a pop song, or should Afrojack accept that he’s an EDM artist?