An Awesome Jason Statham Movie Is Blowing Up On Netflix

via Lionsgate

Jason Statham has plenty of sequels lined up in the near future, but longtime fans of the actor won’t be getting the one they crave above all else; namely, a third installment in the demented Crank franchise.

Based on the post-credits scene of Fast & Furious 9, Statham’s Deckard Shaw will be back for the tenth and/or eleventh entries of the series, while Dwayne Johnson remains committed to another Hobbs & Shaw. On top of that, the action star was recently confirmed for the next Expendables movie, while The Meg 2 is poised to kick off production in Australia early next year.


It has been fifteen years since Crank and twelve since the even more batsh*t High Voltage, but it sadly looks as though we won’t be seeing Chev Chelios again. Having already experienced a resurgence in the summer, the adrenaline-fueled opener is now back among the most-watched titles on Netflix as per FlixPatrol, having rocketed to thirteenth position.

Poisoned by a crime lord in an act of revenge, Chev is running out of time to live, but he keeps his body going by powering himself up with whatever and whoever he can find, whether it’s rubbing up against an old lady at the racetrack or using a defibrillator on himself while careering around in a hospital gown with an erection. As mentioned earlier, Crank isn’t for everyone; but if you’re in, then you’re all-in.