It Appears As If Some Big Changes Will Be Made To Norman Osborn In Amazing Spider-Man

spidey (1)

At the end of Superior Spider-Man, Norman Osborn has the Goblin Serum purged from his body, something which left the Green Goblin as just a normal man again. He managed to escape from Peter Parker at the time but has recently resurfaced as an arms dealer selling his Goblin tech to the highest bidder in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.

Once The Clone Conspiracy wraps up, Norman is going to take centre stage in a storyline kicking off in the super-sized issue #25, as Dan Slott is joined by artist Stuart Immonen. Now, we’ve got a new preview page from the upcoming issue which seemingly reveals that the Green Goblin has undergone some pretty hideous changes since we last saw him. As you can see below, it appears as if Norman has been left horribly deformed by no longer having the serum coursing through his veins, and he now looks more goblin than man.

The character’s return to Amazing Spider-Man is long overdue in the eyes of many fans, especially as his interactions with Peter have been so different since the events of One More Day due to him no longer remembering the wall-crawler’s secret identity. It’s also worth noting that this preview explains why the villain has been covering his face with bandages recently – so be sure to check it out.

Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man run has been hit and miss (and very, very lengthy) so far, but he has, admittedly, done some good work with Norman in the past, so here’s hoping this story delivers.