Arty And Andrew Bayer Team Up On “Follow The Light”


Arty and Andrew Bayer have teamed up on a new single together titled “Follow The Light,” joining forces to deliver a scorching house track with a dreamy underbelly over the weekend.

“Follow The Light” kicks off with a distorted synthesizer sequence that sets the pace with a constant rhythm, shortly joined by the pounding of four on the floor kicks and staccato bass stabs. The drums and bass then cut out and are replaced by an ethereal string progression that contrasts the dark opener with haunting chords. The two producers manage to find a happy middle ground between their respective styles, delivering a single that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Arty and Andrew Bayer score a progressive hit with their new collaboration, blending dark electro-synths and stunning strings to an intoxicating effect.

“Follow The Light” is available now via Anjunabeats, and you can grab the single here if you dig it.