Avengers: Endgame’s Final Battle Makes No Geographical Sense

Image via Marvel Studios

The grand final battle of Avengers: Endgame marks the thrilling climax of the entire Infinity Saga, the first decade of the MCU. Seeing all the heroes of the franchise come together to take on Thanos and his forces was a moment that made Marvel fans whoop and cheer in the cinemas. And at home when they rewatched the scene again and again. The thing is, though, as amazing as this sequence is, much of it makes no geographical sense.

To be clear, this must’ve been an incredibly difficult scene to put together, what with so many characters to keep track of, and we know that the Russo brothers went through the scene countless times in order to tighten it and trim it down. In other words, any continuity errors that appear in the final battle are totally forgivable, but they sure are distracting and hard to ignore once you notice them.

The first major spatial error that occurs in the scene is the distance between Thanos and Cap after the Mad Titan breaks Steve’s shield. The villain does toss his foe back a few feet, but subsequent shots see the distance get further and further until the other heroes pour out of the portals and need to run for ages to even reach Thanos’ forces.

Once the big battle really kicks off, various characters then manage to cross large distances in impossibly short spaces of time. For instance, Cull Obsidian is killed by Drax in another place on the battlefield from where he just took a beating from Cap seconds previously.

As you’re probably already aware, the most noticeable continuity error in the battle is Ant-Man being in two places at once. Giant-Man is seen taking down a Leviathan… at the exact same time Scott is trying to hot-wire his van. What’s more overlooked, though, is that Wasp does the same thing. While Hope is in the van with Scott, she’s also teaming up with the heroines to assist Captain Marvel.

Many of these mistakes must’ve happened in the editing suite, as extra shots that would’ve clarified how characters moved around were removed and the order of events was shifted around, resulting in us seeing double with Ant-Man and the Wasp. Next time you watch Avengers: Endgamewhy not make a game of it and try to see how many geographical mishaps you can spot in the sequence?