Batman Writer Talks “The War Of Jokes And Riddles” In New Video


Knowing that his recently concluded “I am Bane” story arc was nothing short of awesome, expectations are high for Tom King’s next planned epic, “The War of Jokes and Riddles,” that’s set to span eight issues. Well, barring a two-issue interlude, of course.

With that, the current guiding hand of the Dark Knight’s flagship book, Batman, appeared on the most recent episode of the DC All Access web series in order to get the hype train moving for the opening salvo. If you’ve been keeping up with the title, then you’re well aware of how King shook it to the core two weeks ago by having the Caped Crusader proposing to Catwoman.

But before he can grapnel down the aisle, it appears that Batman must get something off his chest, something that “damaged him forever.” In fact, “so much that he’s never talked about it.” Hey, as long as our hero didn’t go off the deep end and commit an act of mass murder, I think we’ll be fine.

At the core of this story is what King terms a “simple concept” in that nobody has really pitted the Joker against the Riddler in such an extravagant way. Following the events depicted in Zero Year, “The War of Jokes and Riddles” sees both the iconic villains attempting to get their groove back as it were, and there’s only one way to do so – to be the one that kills Batman. Along the way, the rest of Gotham’s top villains will be forced to choose sides, making this arc an exciting prospect and lending it the potential to stand alongside recent modern classics written by the likes of Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder.

Batman #25 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, June 21.

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