Beavis and Butthead are back in what might be the ‘dumbest sci-fi movie ever made’

They’re back. They’re bad. And they just may be dumber than ever. Every Gen Xer’s favorite pair of couch potatoes, Beavis and Butthead have returned, thanks to Paramount Plus, and this time they’re doing the universe.

The new trailer for Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe has just dropped and nothing has changed … at least with the dim-witted protagonists. However, the setting has broadened in scope as we see the pair actually leaving the planet itself. According to the Paramount Plus press release, in their 1998 heyday, the pair ended up in a “creative sentencing” space camp program due to their juvenile antics and end up getting jobs at NASA when they mistake a docking simulator with … well, just watch the trailer.

The upshot is that the lovable idiots find themself shot into space, sucked (huh huh) into a black hole, and end up in 2022 on a planet that sure looks a lot like earth where they “find themselves considered Buttholes of Interest by the NSA, the governor of Texas, and a highly intelligent version of themselves from a parallel universe,” according to the press release.

Along the way, the pair will attempt to figure out smartphones, the future, and maybe even come close to “doing it” all while skewering the current pop culture in the inimitable way that made them breakout hits in the 90s.

The movie, which marks the pair’s first onscreen appearance in 10 years, is helmed by creator Mike Judge (who also voices the duo) and features an all-star cast including Tig Notaro, Martin Starr, Gary Cole, and longtime Judge collaborator Stephen Root. The film will stream on Paramount Plus, as will all 200 remastered classic “Beavis and Butt-Head” episodes. And don’t worry if you think you’ll have to wait another decade before you see the boys again; they’ll be returning in a new series which will also air on the service.  

Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe will be available for streaming on Paramount Plus on June 23.