Bruce Wayne Will Begin The Path To Batman In Gotham Season 4

Reports are stating that Fox’s Gotham will finally see the teenage Bruce Wayne (as played by David Mazouz) begin his transformation into the Dark Knight in season 4. Den of Geek’s Mike Cecchini relayed the news on his Twitter feed after attending the Fox Upfronts Presentation, which offers some first looks at the network’s upcoming season.

For the uninitiated, Gotham is a prequel to the usual Batman mythology, focusing on how the various supporting characters and supervillains come into play before the arrival of Gotham’s protector. Throughout the show, we’ve seen Bruce lose his parents, start his training with Alfred and learn more about life on the streets and detective work. Season 3 pushed Bruce closer towards vigilantism than ever before as he began his guidance under Ra’s Al Ghul (Alexander Siddig). Not to mention facing off against a proto-version of the Joker (Cameron Monaghan).

This doesn’t mean we should expect Mazouz to don the full cape and cowl just yet, though. As the actor is currently 16, it would be strange for his character to step up to the plate at such a young age. This has been supported by the fact that star Ben McKenzie has confirmed that the plan is for the final shot of Gotham‘s series finale to be Bruce finally donning the cape.

It seems likely, then, that Gotham is taking a leaf out of Smallville‘s approach to Superman, where Tom Welling’s Clark Kent finally ripped open his shirt to reveal the ‘S’ shield in the show’s closing moments. So, instead of dressing him up as a flying rodent, we would expect season 4 to bring Bruce’s personality and skillset closer to the man he will become.

So far, David Mazouz has proven himself a highly capable actor and has nailed the challenging role of playing an iconic character in a very different light from how we’re used to seeing him. No doubt he’ll continue to rise to the challenge as Bruce Wayne continues down the road to heroism.

Gotham is currently nearing the end of its third season and airs on Monday nights on Fox.