Captain America Co-Creator’s Daughter Weighs In On The Hero Being Politicized

Captain America

The political climate in America right now is very unstable, with many cities across the country hosting mass protests in response to the Donald Trump administration. Along the way, Captain America has become a symbol used to rally people against the current President, something which actually makes a surprising amount of sense.

While the Star Spangled Avenger may be a comic book hero, he was created in response to World War II and America’s hesitancy to get involved with the conflict, and with many comparing the President’s decision to turn away thousands of refugees to Jewish refugees also being turned away in the 1940s, it’s no wonder that Captain America – who was created by the Joe Simon and Jack Kirby – has become a symbol for people to rally behind.

That’s something Simon’s daughter – Melissa Groben – has no problem with, as she had this to say in a recent interview when asked about how Cap is being used by protestors.

“Captain America has been around for a long time, so anytime there is any turmoil or unrest or disagreement, he pops up. We all find whatever we need in a particular character, whatever that may be. So, I can’t say that the way anyone is using the character is wrong. If that’s what they see in the character, then that’s what works for them. Captain America was created while the Jews were being killed off in Europe. And my father, being Jewish, and Jack [Kirby], being Jewish, were enraged that America was not over there with our military strength. They created Captain America to go after Hitler because our country wouldn’t go after Hitler. My father was very, very, very pro America, pro Jewish, he was very traditional, and it was a different world back then.”

Taking all of that into account, it really is easy to see why Captain America is now being used this way, and Groben went on to say that she thinks her father would be, “thrilled that people found something in the character that fed whatever they were looking for.” Chances are he’ll continue to be used in this way over the next four years, too.

How Marvel feels about that isn’t clear, but there’s obviously nothing they can do to stop protestors from using this imagery. You have to believe that many fans would be happier if Captain America wasn’t currently a villain in the comics so they could rally behind him there too, but that may be about to change, thanks to the upcoming Secret Empire event.