Cat lovers flock to Twitter to mourn the passing of this veteran actor’s beloved Elgin

morgan fairchild elgin cat dies twitter mourns
Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Twitter users are joining Morgan Fairchild in mourning the loss of her beloved cat, Elgin, who passed away on Dec. 21.

Fairchild, a veteran actor with more than 40 years of roles on her résumé, shared her loss with the world when she announced Elgin’s death via Twitter Tuesday evening. The 71-year-old wrote that her “precious Elgin was dying of failing liver,” forcing the Dallas actress to euthanize her companion of 17 years.

Fairchild informed her followers that when she first saw Elgin, his “head was covered in blood.” The vets couldn’t identify what was wrong with him any more than Fairchild could, but the hardy little cat clearly made it through his initial injury, surviving 17 more years before succumbing to his failing liver. When no one would take the injured cat from the shelter, Fairchild took it upon herself to add a new addition to her home.

“Great dignity & my little man,” she wrote, before polishing her post off with a simple “sobbing.”

Fairchild’s followers were right there with her, sending heartfelt condolences for her loss and sharing their own stories of beloved feline companions. Even Mark Hamill showed up to share his sympathies, responding simply with a single broken heart emoji.

Other commenters wished Fairchild “comfort” as she mourned her loss, with former Texas congressional candidate Russell Foster noting the struggle of owning pets, whose lives are far too fleeting.

“I am so sorry to hear it,” he wrote. “Losing a pet is so hard. You gave him the best 17 years he could have ever wanted I’m sure. Thank you for taking him in when others wouldn’t. He looks like he had a great life that was full of love.”

Other commenters shared their own stories of lost animal companions, sharing in Fairchild’s grief as she said goodbye to Elgin. Soon, the tweet’s comment section was flooded with photos and stories of beloved pets that were lost too soon.

Fairchild appeared sporadically in the comment section, thanking people for sharing their stories and sending their love. Comments continue to pour in, flooding Fairchild’s page with well-wishes and sympathies.