Check Out Quintino And Joey Dale’s “Lights Out” Ft. Channii Monroe


With so many artists trying to differentiate themselves from the main stage formula in 2016, a track with unapologetic mass appeal seems almost refreshing. Quintino and Joey Dale have just delivered such a song with “Lights Out” featuring Channii Monroe, and just in case it’s too basic, they’ve put together two alternate versions as well.

In addition to the original mix of “Lights Out,” Quintino and Dale appear to have turned out a “VIP Mix” and a “Backintheday Mix.” While it’s unclear from the minimix which is which, two of the versions of “Lights Out” follow more of a progressive house format while the other bears many of the stylistic hallmarks of bass house.

“Lights Out” is one of many recent tracks to have numerous versions come out that each emulate a different genre. Seeing as how Darude released his latest song in a similar way, perhaps the uncertainty of dance music trends this year is prompting more artists to hedge their losses similarly by covering more ground.

Quintino and Joey Dale’s “Lights Out” featuring Channii Monroe comes out on July 11th through Spinnin’ Records. After listening to each version of the drop after the 1:00 mark, tell us which one you like best by commenting down below.