Darude Continues Comeback Attempt With Remix Of Tritonal’s “This Is Love”


Considering the once-unprecedented mainstream success of Darude‘s 2001 hit, “Sandstorm,” he’s been surprisingly absent from the electronic music landscape in recent years. He appears to have set out to change that in 2016, however, as he’s fired off a couple of new releases – the more recent of which being his remix of Tritonal’s “This Is Love.”

In what appears to be an attempt to adopt a more post-EDM style, Darude trades in the festival-friendly synth leads of the original for a danceable Korg M1 piano melody. While it doesn’t sound like what you might expect from much-maligned figure of yesteryear dance music, it does bear similarities to much of the music featured in recent editions of his Salmiakki Sessions mix series.

Then again, it bears mention that Darude released several versions of his previous release: “Moments” featuring Sebastian Reyman (see below). So, it’s not too far fetched to imagine that he’s still experimenting with various sounds and seeing what resonates best with contemporary music fans before adopting it as his new style.