The Claws Come Out In Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan #1 First Look


Soon after Disney acquired Marvel nearly a decade ago, it became quite noticeable that characters appearing in their movies had begun to take precedence over those who didn’t. Sure, it’s understandable that the likes of Iron Man and Thor be given their due after finding onscreen success, but many of us lamented seeing our favorite mutants being downplayed.

Fortunately, much of that has changed within the past year, most likely because it’s become increasingly hard to overlook the immense popularity of Deadpool and the X-Men. One such endeavor to be spawned from this epiphany is an upcoming crossover co-headlined by some of Fox’s recent box office champions, Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan.

Written by Declan Shalvey with art by Mike Henderson, this five-issue limited series could probably be best described, in the words of Henderson himself, as “a not so buddy-buddy buddy comedy with all the bickering, explosions and stabbing you’d expect from a comic starring Deadpool and Logan as they both race to do their version of the right thing by a young mutant.”

Basically, James “Logan” Howlett is after a newly discovered Omega-level mutant and would prefer to go it alone. As expected, Wade Wilson wants to get in on the action, but he’s got another thing coming if he thinks the old man will take kindly to his presence. Thus, we foresee them not getting along at first, leading to the conflict seen in the preview gallery at the top. Still, we expect them to patch things up in subsequent issues because Marvel has billed this as a team-up.

Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #1 arrives in comic shops on October 18.

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