CNN Calls Walking Dead A Marvel Comic And The Internet’s Not Impressed


One of the most popular comic book-based franchises that doesn’t feature a superhero is without a doubt The Walking Dead. Since debuting on AMC nearly ten years ago, the horror series has managed to carve out an enormous fanbase for itself in an entertainment landscape that’s already overflowing with zombies. In fact, it’s now getting ready for its tenth season, and has even spawned a spinoff show in the form of Fear The Walking Dead.

But in a somewhat shocking move, the comic book that started it all came to an end this week with issue #193. And while it was a sad moment for many, it’s now turned into a rather humorous occasion thanks to a Tweet from CNN. Though it’s since been corrected, the outlet originally wrote the following:

“Just as Marvel Comics closed the books on “The Walking Dead,” the company revealed that it’s bringing back another undead series: ‘Marvel Zombies'”

Obviously, The Walking Dead isn’t published by Marvel and is instead put out by Image Comics, and has been for its entire run. The fans made sure CNN knows this, too, as they’ve flooded Twitter with some amusing/angry responses to the not so little mix-up.

While everyone makes mistakes, some of these Twitter users do have a point. I mean, it’s not hard to do a simple search and see who publishes The Walking Dead. And, as many mentioned, this isn’t the first time a major news outlet has mixed up something like this, either.

In any case, Image Comics’ beloved series is now at its end and though fans will still have The Walking Dead TV show to look forward to for the foreseeable future, the books that started it all will most definitely be missed.