Dan Jurgens Teases The Return Of Booster Gold In DC Rebirth


One of the most controversial aspects of The New 52 reboot was the fact that many fan-favourite characters were missing from the DC Universe. A lot of them are now starting to return though thanks to DC Rebirth, and while Booster Gold was present sporadically after the events of Flashpoint, he hasn’t actually been seen for a while.

Well, that could be about to change, as Dan Jurgens, the character’s creator, has taken to Twitter today to hint at a possible return for the time-travelling superhero.

“Feels good to stretch the drawing muscles again. Won’t tell you who,” he teased, before adding, “but the character’s initials are BG.”

That’s not exactly hard to see through, though no further details have been revealed at this time. As a result, we don’t know if Booster Gold is getting a solo series or he’s just set to appear in the titles leading up to that big Watchmen event. Time will tell, but the character’s time-travelling abilities could very well play a huge role in this upcoming story, especially as he’s exactly the type of person to notice that something’s going on with the DC Universe’s history, a fact that Wally West has alluded to on numerous occasions now.

With a movie reportedly in the works, it certainly makes sense that Booster Gold will return at some point in the near future, but what role would you like to see him play in DC Rebirth? Sound off in the usual place and let us know!