Daniel Radcliffe says directors don’t really know what to do with him

Actor Daniel Radcliffe built a career foundation with a magical franchise before mixing up his moments onscreen and, though his time as Harry Potter has been over for years, still says directors are unsure how to utilize him best.

“I think directors go one of two ways with me. Maybe less so now, but after Potter in particular, if 50 percent of directors only saw me as one thing and only saw me as Harry, then the other 50 percent were excited by the chance to be the people who showed me as something else. I think these directors were really excited about getting to show me as this sociopathic villain.”

Radcliffe mentioned that he sees how others see him, while speaking with Empire yesterday. The directors he mentioned were an allusion to Aaron and Adam Nee of The Lost City, adding that his character in the piece is humorous, not really a successful villain like Darth Vader, and that his motivations made Radcliffe laugh a lot.

“There’s something so pathetic about all of his motivations. It’s the idea that, obviously, no one’s the villain of their own story, so he thinks he’s really cool and nice, and he’s kidnapping Sandra [Bullock]’s character, all the while thinking, ‘if you really think about it, you’ll find being kidnapped is fun! If you realize what a cool opportunity this is.’ That was a very, very funny aspect of this character for me.”

The Lost City is now playing in theaters.